Winter Wellness Yoga

Saturday 8 February 2-4.30pm Hemdean House School, Caversham


An afternoon of yoga and relaxation to boost your immune system, raise energy levels and detox the system through a flowing Hatha yoga practice, followed by a restorative yoga practice and guided meditation to calm and centre you ready for the year ahead.

As we move through winter our bodies trying to adjust to colder weather with less sunlight, we may feel like we have less energy as we go inwards to hibernate. This afternoon is about bringing balance back into body and mind. We will flow through a heart-opening, detoxing Yang-style flow to lift energy levels and boost the immune system. We will then find stillness in restorative Yin-style poses and breath awareness to centre and restore.

Having relaxed the body deeply, the mind will naturally follow, setting you up for the final part of the day – a blissful Yoga Nidra (sometimes called yogic sleep).

Come and join me for an afternoon of self-care and wellness to reset and revitalise, ready for the new year.

There will be tea and homemade cake to finish of course!

Investment £25



Rise & Shine yoga morning

Sunday 8 March 9.30-11.15am The Barn, Highdown School, Caversham

Come and join me for an awakening morning yoga sequence to open the body and energise for the day ahead. Flowing from one pose to the next using the breath, we’ll open hips and shoulders, stretch out the body and focus the mind, finishing with some energising poses to lift energy levels.

There will be modifications and challenges along the way so this is suitable for beginners as well as those who like a bit of more! We will finish with some restorative poses to stretch deeply and a blissful extended relaxation giving your body time to absorb all the yoga magic! This gentle energising flow is the perfect way to start your Sunday.

Stay for post-yoga snacks after class! Delicious breakfast muffins, fruit, smoothies and herbal teas will be served!

Leave feeling revived, nourished and relaxed.

Investment: £20