Autumn Rest & Restore

Saturday 17th October 2-4.30pm

“Be like the trees and let the dead leaves drop

Autumn is nature’s lesson in letting go. Stay gracefully grounded as we transition into Autumn with an afternoon of Yin and Yang yoga to release, turn inward and gather the energy reserves for the coming months.

During this afternoon of yoga, you will be invited to let go and release what no longer serves you, slow down and restore energy so that you can nurture yourself over the coming darker months.

The afternoon will begin with a grounding flow to help you connect with the earth and stimulate heat and energy in the body.

We will balance this Yang-style flow with a soothing and relaxing sequence of Yin yoga poses that encourages a relaxation of the nervous system, making room for all that the new season has to bring, an opportunity to turn inward, slow down and soften more deeply.

Having relaxed the body deeply, the mind will naturally follow, setting you up for the final part of the afternoon – a blissful Yoga Nidra (sometimes called yogic sleep).

We will finish with tea and homemade cake.

So come and join me and deliberately slow down to re-align with nature and tune into your mind, body and spirit. You will leave feeling wonderfully nourished, connected and rested, ready for the coming transition into Autumn.


Suitable for all levels.

The hall is a beautiful space, perfect for yoga, with underfloor heating, quiet and peaceful.

Social distancing will apply. Please bring your own mat.

Investment: £25