My Yoga Life

My Yoga Life

A 30-day yoga journey


“A perfect course for anyone wanting to dig deeper into the practice of yoga and discover all its benefits. Perfectly constructed and simple to understand, Sarah’s course is nothing short of brilliant.”

“This course was the bees knees!! I loved it. I now understand more about the different types of yoga, breathing techniques and have reignited my joy of daily practices and the benefits they bring.”

“Makes yoga a lifestyle choice rather than something you do once or twice a week. The connection of breath to movement & wellness is developed throughout this course leaving me very peaceful.”

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It’s time for you to step into your power using the wonderful practice of yoga to guide you. This 30-day course will leave you focused, heartful and grateful. Each week we will focus on four key pillars of Yoga: Body, Breath, Mind and Self-Care through different practices and activities. You’ll be putting physical, mental and emotional wellbeing at the centre of all you do for 30 days.

Set yourself the challenge and come join me for a wonderful, fun-filled, heart-fuelled, jam-packed journey of JOY! You will feel supported, positive, glowing and with your cup overflowing so that you can go on taking care of yourself and everyone around you.

The practice of yoga is much more than just a sequence of physical poses and postures. True yoga is practiced off the mat: it unifies the SELF: mind, body and emotions. Yoga is the state of being in the moment, accepting how things are and going with the flow. It is a way of life and whether you spend your lifetime in devotion or attend one weekly class, the difference is tangible and the way you move through life, react and respond to the inevitable challenges and trials that come along, and keep healthy, mentally and physically is pure magic. And that is what I want you to share with you.

My mission is to create a space for you to put yourself first, come back to centre, the true essence of who you are. Discover what lights you up and what dims you down, get clear on where you feel stuck, how to move through it with grace and ease. I’ll be sharing tools, techniques and practices which will help keep you grounded and positive and remain centred even when life gets crazy. It doesn’t have to be perfect! And you don’t need to have to be anything other than you right now.

Dedicate 30 days to putting yourself and your hopes and dreams first. Give yourself the time and space to reconnect to YOU. Maybe you want to set an intention for a new month. Maybe there is something you are working towards in your life or you want to get clear on what direction you are going in. Maybe you feel like you have neglected yourself and your wellbeing and want to focus on getting stronger and healthier. Or maybe you want to delve a bit deeper into yoga and all the wonderful practices it entails. Whatever your mission, you will explore and experience many things and may surprise yourself by the end of the month!

We will be committing to a regular yoga practice as well as meditation, mindfulness and breathwork (pranayama). Each week we will explore a different ‘theme’ in order to peel back the layers and drop into a place where you feel contentment, calm, creativity, curiosity and growth. I want you to feel connected and nourished so that you can move through your life from a place of happiness.


The course includes:

4 x live group sessions, 2 x 1:1 sessions, workbook, meditations, guided relaxation, Yin yoga recorded class, self-care tools, inspiration, rituals, journaling, affirmation, mantra, goal setting, envisioning, establishing a regular yoga practice.


This course is suitable for everybody whether you are just starting out on your yoga journey or have been practising for years.


Dates: 31st January – 1st March.

(Live sessions 31st Jan 10am/7th Feb 10am/14th Feb 10am/21st Feb 10am/1st March 6pm) 

Investment: £147 (early bird £127 if booked before 31 December)

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